Healthcare - Dircks Logistics


Every possible part of healthcare logistics supply chain can be managed by Dircks Logistics. Our customizable solutions allow our customers to choose the options that best suit your Healthcare Logistics needs. Healthcare relocation requires efficiency, precision, and knowledge of the medical equipment, with over 25 years of experience and countless projects under our belt; we guarantee the quality service our past customers have learned to trust.


Dircks Logistics assigns an experienced, project manager to successfully coordinate all project phases from the initiation to the end of the project. You have a lot to consider when making improvements, undergoing new construction or moving your location. During facility improvements or new construction moves, you may be dealing with multiple vendors employing multiple timelines. Dircks can assist in evaluating, selecting and managing these vendors to ensure that when you move into your new facility, you do so on time and within budget.


Our project management processes allow you to focus on your day-to-day business with the security of knowing that the project is being handled by the professionals at Dircks.


Your inventory will be managed to an industry leading accuracy level, aided by a full-feature Warehouse Management System.


Our user-friendly customer e-Portal enables our partners to take full advantage of our use of cutting edge warehouse technology. You get complete visibility into your inventory, the ability to view orders, and create customized reports. Items scanned at receipt are immediately visible to the customer via our web portal.


When you have Dircks Logistics manage your supply chain, you are in complete control of your financial decisions at all times. Our goal is to make the supply chain management of your products efficient and worry-free allowing you to focus on the success of your products and merchandise online.


The Dircks Logistics professionals will facilitate the timely delivery of all project equipment – either direct to site or via our local warehouse in the most cost effective manner available.

Dircks is fully capable and experienced in the transportation of large medical equipment. We’ve performed dozens of deliveries for medical establishments such as T-GEN, Phoenix Indian Health Services Center and St. Joseph’s Hospital.


Dircks provides qualified, trained staff that assembles and installs many types of health care equipment.

Examples include:

  • Shelving (both static and mobile)
  • Crash cart assembly
  • Whiteboards, bulletin boards
  • Artwork and signage
  • Case goods
  • Bed assembly