Hospitality - Dircks Logistics


With 25 years of household and commercial goods experience, Dircks offers your best option for delivery of fine goods and furniture. We have handled hundreds of projects from small restaurants to full scale hotel and student living projects. Our experienced staff will not only carefully deliver your product; we will assemble and set furniture in place. Dircks Logistics has the experience and expertise to handle the widest range of Hospitality customers.

We specialize in the services needed to help projects finish successfully, including:

Freight Management

Dircks representatives handle the communication and coordination with each vendor for optimal transportation to site. Dircks Logistics will also ensure every vendor of the project has their products available at the agreed upon time and ensures damage free transit.


We will help determine which domestic and international transportation options provide you the service that best fits your needs at a price within your budget. When you choose Dircks Logistics, you can always count on cost-effective answers and a level of quality that you simply will not find anywhere else.


We provide digitally monitored, highly secured, climate controlled storage within our state of the art 110,000 square feet facility a few miles west of Downtown Phoenix.


Whether you need a stand-alone warehouse, a cross-dock or dedicated space, Dircks Logistics is equipped to handle the most complex warehousing requirements by offering our technology advanced solutions including: Warehouse Management System, order management, instant read handheld devices and more customizable solutions.

Dircks has Warehousing solutions that allow us to closely monitor your products, optimize inbound and outbound deliveries. Our decades of experience can also help you greatly reduce your storage and inventory requirements and improve customer satisfaction.

Placement & Instillation

The full-time, trained and qualified Dircks staff offers the expertise to correctly place and install furniture, fixtures and technology inside the delivery site. The Dircks Logistics professionals will facilitate the timely delivery of all project equipment – from home deliveries or direct to site.

Project Manager

Dircks Logistics assigns an experienced, project manager to successfully coordinate all project phases from the initiation to the end of the project. You have a lot to consider when making improvements, undergoing new construction or moving your location. During facility improvements or new construction moves, you may be dealing with multiple vendors employing multiple timelines. Dircks can assist in evaluating, selecting and managing these vendors to ensure that when you move into your new facility, you do so on time and within budget.


Our project management processes allow you to focus on your day-to-day business with the security of knowing that the project is being handled by the professionals at Dircks Logistics.