Ecommerce - Dircks Logistics


Online shopping has challenged companies to create efficient eCommerce services. Dircks Logistics staff is experienced in managing eCommerce fulfillment warehouses for a wide variety of consumer products.


We use advanced technologies in our warehouse in order to provide a competitive advantage to our partners. These technologies include solutions, such as a Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Barcode technologies, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), web-based client access to data anytime anywhere, as well as advanced 24-hour monitored security solutions to ensure merchandise is safe at all times.

Order Receiving

We can take your current eCommerce data in its current format and receive it into our cutting edge Warehouse Management System (WMS). Our facility and expertise allows us to receive your products in any form: cartons, pallets, containers!


We always verify the receipt of your merchandise by carton count or individual product count, whatever is preferred by our partner. The receiving report is immediately inputted into our WMS along with the warehouse location, keeping our computer records accurate and up-to-date and allowing the customer to view the product in hand the entire product life cycle.

Inventory Management

Your inventory is managed to an industry leading accuracy level, aided by a full-feature Warehouse Management System.


Our user-friendly customer e-Portal enables our partners to take full advantage of our use of cutting edge warehouse technology. You get complete visibility into your inventory, the ability to view orders, create customized reports. Items scanned at receipt are immediately visible to the customer via our web portal.


When you have Dircks Logistics manage your supply chain, you are in complete control of your financial decisions at all times. Our goal is to make the supply chain management of your products efficient and worry-free allowing you to focus on the success of your products and merchandise online.

Pick & Pack

Efficiency in eCommerce fulfillment is absolutely critical to profitable online businesses. The Dircks Logsitics team provides high-volume, high-quality, Pick and Pack execution for a large range of companies and agencies.


Dircks Logistics will design an efficient pick processes to minimize time, labor and cost to the customer. Orders are picked and automatically verified using a cutting edge Warehouse Management System for accuracy during scan in and scan out. Our digital reporting and management systems allows our partners to be fully aware of the product until it is in the consumers hands.


Our partners know Dircks Logistics Pick & Pack is done with superb speed and accuracy, helping their supply chain function with expedience and cost-effectiveness.

Shipping eCommerce Orders

Fulfillment warehousing is a key part of the overall eCommerce service. Dircks Logistics can manage outbound shipments using either your parcel account or our own. Our Warehouse Management System integrates with UPS, FedEx and all major 3rd party shipping systems for order fulfillment.


Our automated shipping software allows Dircks Logistics to create bar code shipping labels for all your products guaranteeing that your product is delivered in a timely manner to the customer. No matter what type of product you offer, Dircks Logistics can ship it, track it, and get it to you customer on time!

Order Tracking

The Dircks Logistics Warehouse Management System allows our partners to check order status, delivery status and inventory online 24/7 via our easy-to-use web portal.


Every Dircks Logistics partner is also assigned a dedicated, experienced Account Representative within our customer service group to answer any and all of your questions and any special customer order requests.