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Flatbed Services

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Flatbed & Freight Shipping

Easily overcome the complexities of the open deck capacity network, navigate market uncertainties, and boost on-time performance with flatbed transport. Benefit from Dircks’ extensive roster of trusted contract flatbed carriers and their expertise to adapt to market shifts and enhance reliability.

Improve cost-efficiency in your flatbed shipping with the help of our in-depth market insights and transparent pricing strategies, enabling informed decision-making.

Optimize your time management with the assistance of a single point of contact who will handle both unplanned surges and scheduled flatbed freight. Rest easy knowing that this contact will connect you with high-quality contract carriers that have been thoroughly vetted.

Count on our flatbed shipping experts, who are well-versed in the details of the flatbed transportation industry, including accessories, equipment, and specific requirements.

Flatbed Shipping

Flatbed transport can be overwhelming because it involves different types of shipments, ranging from basic open-deck requests to complex planning projects. Each shipment requires specific flatbed equipment and accessories to be successful. Fortunately, our flatbed experts are available to support you in keeping your unique freight moving smoothly.