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Renewable Energy

As the future of energy usage changes in not only the Southwest, but also the entire United States we at Dircks Logistics have become a leader in the special logistics services needed for wind, solar and bio-energy companies. Our wide ranging customized services are designed to optimize our customers’ supply chain. Make sure your company benefits from our industry leading experience today.

Inventory Management

Your inventory is managed to an industry leading accuracy level, aided by a full-feature Warehouse Management System.


Our user-friendly customer e-Portal enables our partners to take full advantage of our use of cutting edge warehouse technology. You get complete visibility into your inventory, the ability to view orders, and create customized reports. Items scanned at receipt are immediately visible to the customer via our web portal.


When you have Dircks Logistics manage your supply chain, you are in complete control of your financial decisions at all times. Our goal is to make the supply chain management of your products efficient and worry-free allowing you to focus on the success of your products and merchandise online.

Site Deliveries

The Dircks Logistics professionals will facilitate the timely delivery of all project equipment – from home deliveries or direct to site.


We will help determine which domestic and international transportation options provide you the service that best fits your needs at a price within your budget. When you choose Dircks, you can always count on cost-effective answers and a level of quality that you simply will not find anywhere else.

Product Testing

Dircks Logistics has specially trained staff that has the experience necessary to test the effectiveness of renewable energy products on behalf of the customer. We can handle daily inventory checks or random quality control investigations throughout the life of the product.

Pick & Pack

Efficiency in Renewable Energy fulfillment is absolutely critical to profitable businesses. The Dircks Logsitics team provides high-volume, high-quality, Pick and Pack execution for a large range of companies and agencies.


Dircks Logistics will design an efficient pick processes to minimize time, labor and cost to the customer. Orders are picked and automatically verified using a cutting edge Warehouse Management System for accuracy during scan in and scan out. Orders can be packaged and delivered direct to consumer or businesses around the world. Our digital reporting and management systems allows our partners to be fully aware of the product until it is in the consumers hands.


Our partners know Dircks Logistics Pick & Pack is done with superb speed and accuracy, helping their supply chain function with expedience and cost-effectiveness.